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Naming University Facilities and Academic Units

Document Number: UNIV--100 Revision #: 1.0
Document Owner: Executive VP Date Last Updated: 08/17/2012
Primary Author: VP for Advancement Status: Approved
Date Originally Created: 10/27/2011

General Description

Naming University facilities and academic units.


To establish policies and procedures for naming facilities represented by the Board of Trust of Cumberland University and associated academic units.



All faculty, staff, and administrators, Board of Trust

Responsibility: President

The President will report directly to the Board of Trust in matters involving naming facilities.

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The President must approve all aspects of this policy.

Relevant Knowledge: In order to comply with this policy you should know:
Current University policy
Standard company policies



Cumberland University welcomes the opportunity to honor those who have rendered extraordinary support or service to the University. Facilities, spaces, endowments, programs or positions may be named for individuals or entities whose generosity or accomplishments have advanced the academic mission of the University, furthered its capacity to meet its teaching and scholarly objectives and enhanced the growth and reputation of the institution.


Naming a facility, space, endowment, program or position for an individual, organization or corporation is one of the highest honors the University can bestow. This recognition is a lasting and powerful affirmation of the honoree’s connection to the University’s mission. As such, honorees shall have exemplary character, an unqualified reputation for honesty, personal integrity and the highest standards of personal and professional ethics.


The following general policies have been developed to help ensure the appropriateness of future naming honors. Any exceptions to these general policies must be approved by the President and the Board of Trust.

Terms and Definitions: Loss of privilege, general


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Policy Provisions

Naming Authority


A. The Board of Trust has sole authority in regard to naming the following:

· Academic Units (Colleges or schools)

· Athletic Fields and Facilities

· Buildings

· Primary Ground Space (University streets or roads, plazas, malls and other large areas of campus circulation)


B. The President, in consultation with the Development Committee Chair and the Board of Trust Officers, shall have the authority in regard to naming the following:

· Institutes, Centers, Departments and Programs

· Individual areas and features within buildings (rooms, labs, offices, common spaces, etc.)

· Limited outdoor areas (landscape items or other features)

· Professorships (endowed faculty, dean or chair positions)

· Scholarships (both annual and permanently endowed scholarships)



Duration of the Name


A. Unless specified differently in the donor agreement, the naming of the facility, space, endowment, program or position is expected to be permanent as long as the facility, space, endowment, program or position is still in existence. In regard to furnishings and equipment, the duration would be determined by the useful lifespan of those items.


B. Naming of a facility, space, endowment or program will not preclude further naming within the facility, space, endowment or program.


C. If the facility, space, endowment, program or position ceases to exist, the Board of Trust may, at its sole discretion, assign the name of the honoree to a comparable facility, space, endowment, program or position.


D. If presently unforeseen circumstances arise that would prevent the name transfer to a comparable facility, space, endowment, program or position, the Board of Trust retains the right to determine other suitable methods of recognition for the honoree.


E. The Board of Trust retains the sole right to withdraw the naming recognition of any individual or entity due to legal impropriety on the part of the donor.





A. The name of the donor will not be associated with the facility, space, endowment, program or position until all pledged funds have been received.


B. If the honoree is being recognized for meritorious service to the University instead of financial contributions, the timing will be at the discretion of the Board of Trust.



Funding Guidelines


A. Facilities and space – Generally, a gift required to name a building or specific space will represent a significant portion of the construction or renovation cost of the project. Factors such as marketability, timing of the project and capacity of the potential donor prospects will be taken into consideration when determining what constitutes a “significant portion.” In some instances, the cost of furnishings and an endowment to help maintain the building or space may be calculated into the total cost of the project.


B. Endowments – A gift required to create a named endowment can vary widely due to the nature of what is being endowed.  Whether the gift is intended to fully or only partially endow the scholarship, program or position will also impact the minimum amount required.



Establishing Opportunities for Naming


A. The Development Committee, in conjunction with the President and Vice President for Advancement, will annually review these guidelines in relation to all existing and new naming opportunities at the University. The Development Committee will then make recommendations to the Board of Trust as to the appropriate gift size for the various naming opportunities.


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Performance Evaluation
Desired Outcome:

All named facilities will follow proper protocol for said function.

Performance Metrics: Compliance with standard policy and procedure

Consequences: Job Termination
Loss of privileges

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Subject Experts
The following may be consulted for additional information.
Executive VP


VP for Advancement

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