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Assessment System Overview

The School of Humanities, Education, and the Arts has an Assessment System for candidates for initial teacher licensure that ensures that all candidates are thoroughly prepared for student teaching and their careers in education. An overview of the Assessment system is below the links to the Assessment Forms below. The links provided here are for copies of the assessments used at different checkpoints through the Teacher Education Program.


Teacher Licensure candidates are responsible for ensuring that they complete the checkpoints described below at the appropriate times.


The SoE&PS uses multiple means of assessing and evaluating candidates. Evaluations are used at specific points in a progression designed to prepare candidates for teacher licensure, and receive appropriate remediation or redirection if warranted. The alpha-numeric references (for example 1D1, 10P5) refer to specific candidate proficiencies related to the 10 Program Standards for the School of Humanities, Education, and the Arts that are assessed at that checkpoint. A full listing of proficiencies can be found at the "School of Education Standards for Student Achievement" link above.



These list is here for reference only.  See the University website to view each document. . Anyone completing a dispositions ratings sheet for a candidate should email the Associate Dean to request a link to the on-line form.


TEP I Dispositions ratings sheet.

TEP I Interview ratings sheet.

TEP I Portfolio assessment rubric.


Field Experiences: Evaluation of candidates by Cooperating Teachers.


TEP II Dispositions ratings sheet.

TEP II Interview Rating Sheet.

TEP II Portfolio assessment rubric.

MAE TEP II Interview portfolio assessment rubric


Student Teaching - Lesson Observation Evaluation (completed by supervisors & cooperating teachers)

Student Teaching - Comprehensive Evaluation (completed by cooperating teachers)

Student Teaching - Lesson Plan rubric

Student Teaching - Evidence of Student Learning Rubric

Student Teaching - MAE Paper Assignment Rubric


Program Completion Portfolio rubric.

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Subject Experts
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Dean of the School of Humanities, Education, and the Arts

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