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Rudy Wellness Center Policies and Procedures Overview
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Mission Statement for the Rudy Wellness Center

The center was established in 2011 though the collaboration and support of Mrs. Jeanette C. Rudy, benefactor of the Rudy School of Nursing and Health Sciences at the University.  The mission of the Rudy Wellness Center is to promote wellness and meet the minor illness/injury needs of the University community, thereby improving the “overall health” of the Cumberland University and Wilson Count y communities.  Health promotion activities and wellness education are a major focus of the Center.


Diversity Statement for the Rudy Wellness Center

Rudy Wellness Center staff members are committed to providing a safe, welcoming, and respectful environment for those who seek our services regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, ethnicity, religious preference, sexual orientation, and disabilities.  We strive to be affirming and to value the dignity and worth of individuals of diverse backgrounds through our contact with all students, staff, faculty, and administrators.



Staff of Providers

All clinical services are provided by nationally Certified Nurse Practitioners licensed in the State of Tennessee.  These nurse practitioners work in collaboration with a local primary care physician who is the authorized Physician of Record.


Eligibility for Services

Any student who is currently enrolled and registered at Cumberland University is eligible for healthcare services at RUDY WELLNESS CENTER.  


Faculty and staff are also eligible for services.




Legally in the state of Tennessee, minors age 16 or above may seek health services without the consent of parent or guardian.  However, because the law of Tennessee requires that certain criteria be met that assures the ability of the minor to consent and because the parent or guardian is considered the owner of the privilege in these situations, the policy of the Rudy Wellness Center is not to offer services to minors, under age 18, unless parent or guardian consent is obtained.  The Director may consider exceptions to this policy in urgent situations.  In emergency situations, it may be necessary to provide urgent intervention, but on-going services cannot be offered without parent or guardian consent.


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