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Critical Incident Procedure

Document Number: NURS--122p Revision #: 1.0
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Date Originally Created: 01/10/2012

General Description
Description / Scope:

Information about Critical Incident Procedures relative to Nursing students.


Delineation of procedure.

Who Performs / Responsibility: Academic Affairs
VP for Academic Affairs

When to Perform: As needed

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Pre-Knowledge: Before performing this task you must know:
Current University policy
Standard company policies
Standards of good practice

Terms and Definitions: Additional training

Corrective Action

Loss of privilege, general


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Overview of Steps

Critical Incident Procedure

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Detailed Steps

Critical Incident Procedure

How to Do:

Assignment of Critical Incidents and Point Allocation

1. In the clinical, laboratory, and/or classroom settings course coordinators are responsible for assigning critical incident values. In circumstances where adjunct instructors are used, the adjunct instructors will report policy violations to the course coordinator prior to submitting a critical incident.

a. A critical incident report will be initiated based on the course coordinator or adjunct instructor’s recognition of failure of the student to adhere to the standards as identified in Appendix C.

b. The course coordinator will review the student’s file and if necessary will request a student specific report from the Office Manager to determine if similar infractions have been reported.

c. The student, adjunct instructor, and or course coordinator will discuss the event, identify the weight of the infraction, and develop an action plan for improvement within 1 week of the infraction.

d. Infraction weights will vary and are to be based on severity of the infraction and repeated incidence of the same infraction.

i. Initial infractions will account for 0.25 point.

ii. Second infractions of the same type will account for 0.50 point.

iii. Third and subsequent infractions of the same type will account for 1 point.

iv. Policy and protocol violations related to breaches in infection control principles or harm to patients or others (including but not limited to assault, battery, or medication errors) are weighted heavier and will account for 1 point for each infraction.

2. The Director of Operations will identify policy violations related to incomplete admission requirements and/or late submissions of clinical-related requirements.

a. It is the responsibility of each student to monitor and update all health requirements, drug screens, CPR documentation, background check information, proof of major medical insurance, and facility-specific required documents by the designated deadline prior to the beginning of any clinical rotation.

b. The Director of Operations will notify the student, course coordinator, and the student’s academic advisor of missing and/or late documents.

c. The student will not be allowed to attend clinical rotations for that course until such time that the required documentation is provided.

d. The course coordinator will complete a critical incident form and assign critical incident values as described below.

i. Failure to submit and/or provide documented evidence of the items listed above to the Director of Operations will result in the student receiving 0.5 critical incident points in the specific course involved.

ii. A 0.5 critical incident will be allocated for each clinical day missed due to failure to submit documentation.

iii. If required documentation is not completed for more than one course, then critical incident points will be allocated for each course, as described above.

3. The Critical Incident Report (see Appendix D) will be forwarded to the Office Manager of the School of Nursing.

a. The Office Manager will log the incident into a spreadsheet and maintain a cumulative total during the student’s term of enrollment.

b. The Office Manager will notify the student, their academic advisor, and the Dean when a student accumulates a total of 3.5 critical incident points.

4. At the end of the semester in which the critical incident was received the action plan will be reviewed with the student and a decision will be made by the course coordinator, and where applicable the adjunct instructor, as to whether the student has met the action plan goals. At this time a follow-up note should be sent to the Office Manager of the School of Nursing to be added to the student’s file.


Appeal Procedure for Critical Incidents and/or Point Allocation

1. Students have a right to appeal the allocation of critical incidents during the semester of the occurrence.

2. The following procedure should be followed if the student wishes to appeal the critical incident:

a. A Critical Incident Appeal Form (see Appendix E) should be submitted to the Chair of the Admission and Progression Committee (A&P Committee) requesting a request a review of the incident.

i. The Committee Chair will arrange a review meeting within 30 days of the student’s request.

ii. The Committee’s decision will be provided, in writing, to the student and the Office Manager of the School of Nursing within 5 days of the meeting.

b. If the issue remains unresolved or the student is not satisfied with the A&P Committee’s decision they may appeal, in writing, to the Dean of the School of Nursing.

c. If the issue remains unresolved or the student is not satisfied with Dean’s decision they may appeal to the Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA).

d. If the issue remains unresolved or student is not satisfied with the Vice President’s decision they may appeal to the President of the University.


Who Performs this Step:

Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Professions, VP for Academic Affairs

Special Warnings:

Students being adversely affected by decision, Student conduct case being dropped, Legal action taken because of conduct decision

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Appendix D Critical Incident Report Form
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Appendix C Critical Incident Inventory
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Subject Experts
The following may be consulted for additional information.
Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Professions

VP for Academic Affairs

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