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Special Accommodations

Students with a disability must register with the Director of Counseling and Disability Services at Cumberland University, to receive accommodations. A Registration/Application Form should be completed as soon as possible, preferably by the end of the second week of the course.  Documented evidence of the disability is required.  Students with documented disabilities may schedule an appointment to see Ms. Juanita Kissell, Director of Counseling and Disability Services by calling 615-547-1397.




Counseling Center

A student needing counseling should contact the Director of Counseling and Disability Services at 615-547-1397.  This office is located in Labry Hall, room 234.




The Office of Student Success is located on the first floor of the Learning and Career Commons, serves as a resource for Cumberland University students in need of academic support and provides tutoring, mentoring, and academic assistance. The primary goal of the the Office of Student Success is to provide Cumberland University students with the tools that are necessary for success. While the office is open to all Cumberland University students who wish to obtain academic assistance and/or individual tutoring, Cumberland University faculty may also refer students to the Office of Student Success for further academic attention. The office works closely with the Athletic Department to ensure student-athletes have access to additional academic resources. It also  offers the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) which is a series of exams for undergraduates interested in testing-out of certain General Education Classes. Lastly, the center offers the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) for those applying to various graduate schools. The office is located in the Learning and Career Commons.

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Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Professions

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