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Health Requirements--Entering the Nursing Program

Document Number: NURS--104 Revision #: 1.0
Document Owner: Date Last Updated: 11/03/2015
Primary Author: Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Professions Status: Approved
Date Originally Created: 01/04/2012

General Description

Information about health requirements specific to entering the Nursing Program which are different than or in addition to University policy.


Delineation of policy.



Responsibility: Academic Affairs
Enrollment Services
VP for Academic Affairs

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Policy Provisions

Health Requirements

Students must be physically, emotionally, and cognitively able to meet the requirements of clinical practice without threat to themselves or others.  Students who do not show proof of completed health requirements will not be allowed to begin and/or continue in their clinical course work. Nursing Faculty view maintenance of health as the responsibility of the individual professional, aspiring to achieve a BSN.


NOTE: Students are responsible for all costs associated with meeting these requirements:


1. Physical exam: Once a student has been admitted to the Jeanette C. Rudy School of Nursing, they must provide record of a physical examination within the past 3 months. The physical exam must be performed by a qualified practitioner.

a. Completion of a School of Nursing Health Form (See Appendix B for Health Form) is required of each nursing student prior to enrollment in any nursing course with a lab or clinical component.  

b. A physical examination with completion of the School of Nursing Health Form may also be required anytime thereafter if School of Nursing representatives judge that health status is questionable.

c. All completed forms must be submitted to the Director of Operations at the School of Nursing prior to the first day of class.

2. Lab Reports: Lab report results of a Complete Blood Count (CBC) and Urinalysis (UA) must be included.  Additional reports may be requested anytime thereafter, if School of Nursing representatives judge that initial results and/or health status are questionable.

3. Evidence of Tetanus Toxoid (within the last 10 years).

4. Titers for each of the following: Mumps, Rubeola (Red Measles), Rubella (German Measles) and Varicella. If student is found to be non-immune then student must be re-immunized unless contraindicated by health care provider.

5. As a minimum must have received the 1st Hepatitis B vaccination of the series of 3 injections or a Quantitative Titer showing evidence of immunity to Hepatitis B. After completion of series a Quantitative Titer will be required 30-60 days after the third injection showing evidence of immunity to Hepatitis B. Please note a statement from your physician will not be adequate, the numerical results of the titer are required. A student who refuses the Hepatitis B vaccine series or who has a negative titer after completing the series must sign a waiver releasing Cumberland University and any clinical placement site from liability in the event the student decides to continue clinical experiences without or before developing immunity.

6. Annual documentation of a negative TB skin test or Chest X-Ray (or more often if required by a clinical agency). First time nursing students will be required to submit documented evidence of a 2 step TB skin test within the past 12 months. (2 separate TB skin tests)

7. Students who have chronic health conditions which are controlled and do not place themselves or others at risk are eligible to be considered for admission.  

8. Students may be asked to present evidence of physical and/or mental health prior to or at any time during their enrollment in the nursing program.  After any change in health status, students must submit a written statement from a qualified health care provider which states that the student’s condition is not detrimental to the safety/health of others before the student can return to classes and/or clinical settings.  

9. Proof of Negative Drug Screen is required at such time as the School of Nursing requests it and not before.  It is to be performed at a predetermined facility at such time as we determine based on clinical and facility requirements.  The School of Nursing also reserves the right to request a random drug test for cause at any time during a student’s tenure in the program.


Clinical facilities have the right to and may require annual drug screening. The School of Nursing must abide by hospital/clinical requirements.


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Performance Evaluation
Performance Metrics: Compliance with standard policy and procedure

Consequences: Further training
Loss of privileges

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Subject Experts
The following may be consulted for additional information.
Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Professions

Executive Director of Enrollment Services

VP for Academic Affairs

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