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Document Number: MSP--111 Revision #: 1.0
Document Owner: Executive VP Date Last Updated: 07/11/2013
Primary Author: Dean of the School of Humanities, Education, and the Arts Status: Approved
Date Originally Created: 05/15/2012

General Description

Information about grading relative to the MSP program.


Delineation of grading policies for MSP.


Faculty, Students

Responsibility: Academic Affairs
VP for Academic Affairs

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Relevant Knowledge: In order to comply with this policy you should know:
Current University policy

Terms and Definitions: Additional training

Corrective Action

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Policy Provisions


The scholarship rating of the student in each course is reported by the professor in accordance with the grading system shown below:


A     =          Outstanding……………….four     (4)     quality points per semester hour

B     =          Very Good…………………three     (3)     quality points per semester hour     

C     =     Satisfactory………………..two     (2)     quality points per semester hour

D     =     Unsatisfactory…………….zero     (0)     quality points per semester hour

F     =     Failure……………………     (0)     quality points per semester hour

WF       =     Withdraw Failing………….zero     (0)     quality points per semester hour

I     =     Incomplete………………     (0)     quality points per semester hour


The following letters denote grades which are not included in the computation of the grade point average (GPA):


P     =     Pass          

AD      =     Audit     

W     =     Withdrawal

WP     =     Withdrawal Passing


A grade of “I” (Incomplete) is given only when part of the work required is missing and arrangements have been made, in advance, with the professor to complete the work.  Normally, this means that an “I” grade should be given only if circumstances arise which are beyond the control of the student; e.g., illness, accident, or other unforeseen circumstances.  If the work is not completed by the end of the following semester, the “I” grade will be changed to an “F.”


A student dropping a course within the time limit noted in the Timetable, while performing satisfactorily, will receive a grade of “WP” (withdrawal from a course, having completed work to that point satisfactorily); otherwise a grade of “WF” (withdrawal, having done unsatisfactory work) will be assigned.  The computation of the overall grade point average treats “WF” and “F” grades identically; grades of “W” or “WP” do not affect the computation.


Any student who discontinues class attendance and does not officially withdraw will be assigned the grade of “F” in that course or courses.  To withdraw officially from M.S.P. classes, a student must obtain the signatures of the class professor or his/her advisor on a “Withdrawal Form.”  Failure to follow proper withdrawal procedures may result in a student receiving an “F” in these classes.


To audit a course, the student must obtain permission from the M.S.P. Program Advisor.  Audit must be clearly marked on the registration form, and if a change from audit to credit is desired, the change must be made prior to the second class meeting.


Candidates for the Master of Science in Public Service Management degree are required to maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.00.  A student is allowed a maximum of six (6) semester hours of “C” grades.  Without specific permission from the Dean of the School of Humanities, Education, and the Arts and the M.S.P. Program Advisor, students will not be allowed to continue in the program if a grade of “F” is made in any course, or if a student is awarded a “C” grade in more than six (6) semester hours of course work.  Permission to repeat any course must be obtained from the M.S.P. Program Advisor, and the University Graduate Council.                            


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Performance Evaluation
Performance Metrics: Compliance with standard policy and procedure

Consequences: Further training

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Subject Experts
The following may be consulted for additional information.
Dean of the School of Humanities, Education, and the Arts

VP for Academic Affairs

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