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Distribution and Use of Cellular Phones

Document Number: INFOTECH--111 Revision #:
Document Owner: Executive VP Date Last Updated: 04/03/2013
Primary Author: Director of Information Technology Status: Approved
Date Originally Created: 04/03/2013

General Description

Information about the University cell phone distribution and use policy.


The purpose of this policy is to provide a set of guidelines governing the use of cellular telephones and related portable devices by Cumberland University employees and to provide guidelines, criteria and conditions for reimbursement of business use of personal cellular telephones.



All faculty, staff, and administrators

Responsibility: Director of IT

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Relevant Knowledge: In order to comply with this policy you should know:
Current University policy

Terms and Definitions: Corrective Action

Loss of privelege, staff

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Policy Provisions

Eligibility and Approval

Cumberland University shall assign equipment only for the conduct of University business.  A University cell phone may be an appropriate tool to conduct University business when it is determined that an employee's communications needs cannot be met using other available alternatives.  The following position characteristics will be used as initial basis to establish the need for a university-issued cell phone:


1. A requirement to travel frequently on University business;

2. Large amounts of time customarily spent away from the office;

3. Personal safety concerns for individuals while traveling;

4. Mobility for most of a typical work period;

5. Responsibility for response to emergency situation;

6. Responsibility for restoration of critical services, or;

7. Member of the Executive Cabinet.


Vice Presidents will be the approving authority for assigning cell phones to employees under their budgeted responsibilities. They will also be responsible to ensure that employees assigned University cell phones comply with all University polices and procedures including review and approval of monthly cell phone bills.



General Use Guidelines

1. The cell phone provided will be a basic phone limited to $50.00 in cost.  If the employee chooses, the employee may buy an upgrade phone at the employee’s own expense.   

2. Since cellular communication is the least cost-effective means of communication among the numerous options available, cell phone use should be limited to those circumstances in which it is the only effective available option.  Since the University’s service arrangement limits the total number of usage minutes available for all devices covered under the entire plan, users should exercise restraint to avoid excessive use.  Calls made after 7:00 PM and before 8:00 AM or on weekends do not count as usage minutes, therefore, any personal calls and as many business calls as possible should be made during these times.

3. Both regular cell phones and more advanced devices (Blackberry © and similar devices) may be loaded by the user with personal, confidential or proprietary information.  Employees should take advantage of the security features built into their device to safeguard the release of such information to unauthorized individuals, and should undertake data backup procedures similar to those applicable to the employee’s computer.



Personal Use

All CU-issued devices are intended for use in conducting university business.  While it is understood that an occasional personal use call could be made using a university issued cell phone, these calls should be kept to a minimum.  No more than 15% of total usage should consist of personal/non-business related calls.  University employees should purchase their own cellular phones and be the billing entity when personal minutes average 15% or more of total minutes of phone use.  All personal calls or other use of the CU-issued device which results in the incurrence of additional charges (downloads, personal messages, etc.) in excess of the University’s base device charges must be reimbursed by the employee to whom the device is issued.



Program Management

The Information Technology Office is charged with management and oversight of the University’s relationship with cell service providers.  IT staff will place all orders for cellular telephones and similar devices, as well as make all arrangements for services with the contracted vendor and take delivery of equipment.  IT staff will monitor plans and overall usage and suggest changes in service agreements to provide the most convenient and economical plan for the University.  In the case of equipment malfunction, loss, theft, or accidental damage or destruction of a University-owned device, the employee should immediately advise IT staff of the event, so that appropriate repair, reassignment, or other remedial action may be undertaken.


Cell phones and service will be billed to the University.  The user’s cost center will be charged monthly.


Personal Purchases

If the contracted service provider offers special rates or discounts for CU employees as a part of the service package, employees taking advantage of such special terms must open such service accounts in the employee (or family member, if applicable).  All charges on such an account will be solely the responsibility of the employee, and all invoices for such services must be sent directly to the employee’s billing address.



Removal of Cell Phones

A University cell phone is the property of the University and as such may be removed from the employee’s possession at any time.  Abuse of university cell phone privileges, upon the discretion of the dean, director, department chair, or immediate supervisor will result in loss of university cell phone privileges.  



Cell Phone Safety While Driving

As a driver, your first responsibility is to pay attention to the road.  When driving on University business or driving while conducting business on behalf of Cumberland University, the following applies:


If a cell phone call must be made while driving, use a hands free device whenever possible. If not possible follow these basic dos and don’ts.

· Never initiate a call while driving

· Allow voicemail to handle your calls and return them when you are not driving.

If you need to place or receive a call, pull off the road to a safe location and stop the vehicle before using your phone.


Put cell phone safety first.


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Performance Evaluation
Performance Metrics: Compliance with standard policy and procedure

Consequences: Loss of priveleges

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Subject Experts
The following may be consulted for additional information.
Director of Information Technology

VP for Business and Finance

VP for Online and Professional Studies

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