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General Description
Policy Provisions
IT Support and Complaints

Document Number: INFOTECH--104 Revision #:
Document Owner: Director of Information Technology Date Last Updated: 01/28/2016
Primary Author: Director of Information Technology Status: Approved
Date Originally Created: 01/28/2016

General Description

The Office of Information Technology is tasked with providing equipment, services and service to the campus community. In order to balance competing demands for time and resources, the following policy for requesting support has been adopted.


All faculty, staff, students, and administrators

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Policy Provisions

Support Requests

The Office of Information Technology offers two methods of requesting IT support. An email may be sent to, a ticket will be created for you in our system. Open office hours are also maintained. Office hours are subject to change but will be posted outside our office and at All support requests will be categorized and addressed as quickly as possible in an order of priority that is determined by our help desk staff.


No other means of reporting new issues or requesting support are provided. Unless an OIT employee is actively communicating with you about an ongoing support case, direct telephone calls, emails, SMS text messages, and chat messages will be disregarded.


Issue Escalations

At any time users may escalate the priority of anissue by emailing the Director of Information Technology. Each case will be evaluated and priority adjusted at the discretion of the Director of Information Technology. Users are to include the support ticket number and any reasons for escalation. Ticket numbers can be found in the subject line of the automated email response to ticket submission. Escalations without ticket numbers will be disregarded.



If after escalation users feel that their issue was not addressed in a satisfactory manner, users may report a complaint. Students are asked to report their complaints to the Dean of Students. Employees are asked to report their complaints to their immediate supervisor. The Dean of Students and  employee supervisors are encouraged to collect all relevant data, including ticket numbers and correspondence related to the issue and report the complaint directly to the Director of Information Technology or the IT Director’s supervisor.



Changes and Revisions

This Policy is subject to change at any time. Changes made to this Policy will be reflected in University policy documents and websites. Users are responsible for knowing University policy.


OIT may publish more specific or restrictive policies respecting the use of specific computer Resources outside of this policy. These additional policies will be made visible at the point of entry into a specific system or network. Users must abide by all policies approved by the executive committees with authority related to specific Resources where applicable.

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