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General Description
Policy Provisions
Individual-Owned Equipment Policy

Document Number: INFOTECH--102 Revision #:
Document Owner: Director of Information Technology Date Last Updated: 01/28/2016
Primary Author: Director of Information Technology Status: Approved
Date Originally Created: 01/28/2016

General Description

Delineates policy regarding equipment owned by University student, employees and guests.


All faculty, staff, students, and administrators

Responsibility: All faculty, staff, students, and administrators

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Policy Provisions

Acceptable Devices

In general, any device or software that does not violate any of the terms outlined in the INFOTECH—100 IT Resource Access Policy or other published policies is welcome on the Student portion of the University’s network. Users are encouraged to review the “Banned Devices” section of the INFOTECH—100 IT Resource Access Policy before bringing a device to campus or connecting it to the University’s network. Employees and interested Users are encouraged to review INFOTECH—101 University Owned Equipment Policy for policy regarding University owned equipment before using University owned equipment, installing software on University equipment or connecting devices to the Administrative portion of the network.




The sole responsibility for the safety, security, maintenance and repair of any equipment and related data not owned by Cumberland University belongs to the equipment owner (“Owner”). The Office of Information Technology will, when possible, provide limited assistance, advice and information regarding best practices for maintaining, securing and repairing equipment. The Owner will be responsible for securing any services that may be needed to maintain and/or repair their equipment.


Limitation of Liability

Cumberland University and its consultants, partners, agents and employees (“The University”) shall not be liable to the Owner for any and all claims, losses, expenses, injuries, or damages arising out of or any way related to IT services provided for individual owned equipment by reason or any act or omission, including negligence not amounting to a willful or intentional wrong. Furthermore, The University shall not be liable to the Owner for any special or consequential damages, including but not limited to, lost profits, loss of use, and costs of replacement, caused by The University's negligence, breach of contract, or any other cause whatsoever.


Changes and Revisions

This Policy is subject to change at any time. Changes made to this Policy will be reflected in University policy documents and websites. Users are responsible for knowing University policy.


OIT may publish more specific or restrictive policies respecting the use of specific computer Resources outside of this policy. These additional policies will be made visible at the point of entry into a specific system or network. Users must abide by all policies approved by the executive committees with authority related to specific Resources where applicable.

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