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Document Number: HR--176 Revision #: 1.0
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Date Originally Created: 01/24/2012

General Description

Information about health and safety policies and procedures relative to HR policy.


Delineation of HR policy.


All faculty, staff, and administrators

Responsibility: Administration
Human Resources

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Relevant Knowledge: In order to comply with this policy you should know:
Current University policy

Terms and Definitions: Additional training

Loss of privilege, general

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Policy Provisions

Health and Safety

Cumberland University is concerned about the safety and health of the students, faculty, and staff who comprise our educational community. The University shares with each of us the responsibility for promoting a safe and healthy workplace by observing occupational health and safety regulations and by practicing safe work habits. Each of us must be vigilant in maintaining the safety and health of the University by complying with stated policies regarding health and safety.


Federally mandated notices about job safety and health protection may be found posted outside the Executive Director of Facilities and Safety's office and in the Emergency Procedures Manual. This chapter has been written to provide campus guidelines to be followed all persons on Cumberland University campus. While the chapter does not cover every conceivable health and safety issue, it does provide basic guidelines for most campus health and safety concerns.


Campus Environment

Cumberland is an educational community with open access to the public. The University's most commonly reported crime involves property stolen from unsecured places; therefore, general safety precautions are strongly advised. Leave expensive or irreplaceable personal items at home and keep your work area secured at all times.


Reporting Crime and Vandalism

The Executive Director of Facilities and Safety is responsible for providing security arrangements for the physical property of the campus. All reports of crime on campus or violations of University property policies must be reported in writing on an Incident Report and forwarded to the Executive Director of Facilities and Safety as soon as possible after noting the violation or crime.


The Executive Director of Facilities and Safety may inform the Lebanon Police Department of the alleged crime or vandalism and may require a police report be filed by the person reporting the crime or vandalism. In the event of an emergency or endangerment of life, dial 911 for police assistance.


Parking and Vehicle Registration

Everyone desiring to operate a motor vehicle on campus must register the vehicle with the Office of Administration. Obtaining a parking permit for every vehicle operated on campus is required at the beginning of each academic year or at the beginning of employment. Failure to obtain an appropriate parking permit may result in parking fines and/or towing of the vehicle at owner's expense. Contact the Office of Administration for obtaining current parking permits or to contest a parking ticket.


All operators of motor vehicles are required to follow University policy regarding parking. Vehicles may only be parked in designated locations and in appropriate places. Parking outside yellow lines, in fire lanes, in handicap spaces (without legal sticker), blocking University vehicle access, or any other endangerment parking may result in parking fines and/or towing at owner's expense.


Safety in the Workplace

Cumberland University subscribes to the polices and procedures listed in the Emergency Procedure Manual regarding potential hazards in the workplace. Please refer to this manual to determine procedures for handling hazardous materials and protecting personal safety. Notify your supervisor, security and the Executive Director of Facilities and Safety immediately if an accident occurs involving hazardous material or personal injury. If you suspect hazards in the workplace, contact the Executive Director of Facilities and Safety for investigation.



Cumberland University explicitly prohibits anyone other than commissioned law enforcement agents and University approved or contracted security personnel from carrying open or concealed weapons while on University property. Unauthorized possession of a weapon on University property may result in disciplinary action, up to and including immediate termination of employment. Permission to carry a weapon on University property must be obtained from the President of the University.


Accidents on the Job

Any accident that occurs which materially affects a person should be immediately reported to the supervisor of the person or Director of Human Resources. Damaged or destroyed property should be immediately reported to the supervisor or the Executive Director of Facilities and Safety. Failure to report accidents may result in disciplinary actions up to and including termination of employment and/or a requirement to replace damaged property.


Personal Injury

Any personal injuries that occur on the job should be reported to the Director of Human Resources within one (1) working day to complete the appropriate injury form. Workers Compensation information is available in the Office of Human Resources or see the Workers Compensation of this Handbook.


Emergency Procedure Manual

See the Emergency Procedures Manual for policies regarding the following types of emergencies: fire, severe weather/tornado, chemical spill, explosion or airplane crash, bomb threat, civil disturbance or demonstrations, utility failure, violent or criminal behavior, medical and first aid, media relations, psychological crises. Also, see the Emergency Procedures Manual for policies regarding the exposure control of blood borne pathogens and hand washing technique.


Weather-Related Cancellations

Cumberland University will notify area television stations of official cancellation of campus operations due to weather related circumstances. Campus personnel are to use personal discretion regarding safety of travel when weather conditions are extreme. Personnel should immediately contact their supervisor when loss of work occurs due to extreme weather conditions.


In the event of extreme, adverse weather conditions, Cumberland University may be closed. Area radio and television stations will be notified prior to 6:00 am whenever possible. In addition, the automated switchboard announcement will reflect the decision if the University will be closed. If on-campus classes are canceled, the students, faculty and staff should assume that off-campus classes will not meet. All faculty, staff and students are expected to exercise personal discretion regarding their safety whether the University is closed or open.



Children on Campus

Cumberland University acknowledges that that family needs and responsibilities may in some circumstances require the presence of a child in the educational workplace for a limited amount of time. Regular, repeated visits by children are not permitted. A staff member must obtain permission from their supervisor before bringing a child on campus during the staff members normal work day.


Similarly, the individual who makes the decision to bring a child into the educational workplace should be aware and respectful of the needs others have for a quiet educational and work setting.


The responsibility of faculty and staff is meeting their contractual obligations to the University. Arrangements that impinge on those responsibilities are of concern to fellow faculty, staff and students.


Faculty and staff who wish to bring their children to work for limited periods of time may do so if they can carry out their duties unimpeded and allow others to do the same.


The School Dean must give specific, advance approval to the proposal to bring children to work. Allowing faculty and staff to bring their children to work is a privilege extended by the University to assist in meeting family needs and responsibilities and may be revoked at the discretion of the School Dean. Noncompliance of this issue will be addressed by the Vice President in charge of the employee's area and/or the President of the University.


Counseling Services

Counseling services are provided for students at Cumberland University, but are not offered as part of an employee benefit package. Services, however, can be obtained through Resolution Therapy Associations (RTA). RTA has agreed to give preferential service to Cumberland University faculty and staff and accept most health insurance. They will schedule and meet appointments for Cumberland University employees within one week of calling. Resolution Therapy Associations is located at 228 West Main Street, Suit B, Lebanon, Tennessee 37087. Appointments can be scheduled with doctor, Christina Jones or Renee Crecelius by calling 615-453-9696.

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Performance Evaluation
Performance Metrics: Compliance with standard policy and procedure

Consequences: Further training
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Subject Experts
The following may be consulted for additional information.
Director of Human Resources

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