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Faculty and Staff Compensation Policies--Salary Improvements

Document Number: HR--137 Revision #: 1.0
Document Owner: Executive VP Date Last Updated: 08/17/2012
Primary Author: Director of Human Resources Status: Approved
Date Originally Created: 01/17/2012

General Description

Information about salary improvements relative to HR policy.


Delineation of policy.


All faculty, staff, students, and administrators

Responsibility: Human Resources
VP of Business and Finance

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Relevant Knowledge: In order to comply with this policy you should know:
Current University policy

Terms and Definitions: Loss of privilege, general

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Policy Provisions

Salary Improvements

Cumberland University makes individual decisions each year about salary increases for faculty and staff. These decisions are based in part upon economic and organizational needs, along with other factors. Announcement of salary increase amounts will be made annually after fall enrollment and prior to September 30.



Merit Based Salary Increase Program

The merit progression provides salary increases based on proficiency or quality of performance, serving as an incentive and reward for performances that meet and/or exceed requirements.


Proposed Salary Improvements will be included in the Original Budget, with the understanding that salary improvements are based on budgetary considerations, are subject to change, and are awarded on an individual basis.



Salary Increase/Non-Merit

Throughout the year, positions at Cumberland University may be upgraded and responsibilities enhanced. If a Faculty and/or Staff member has been given additional responsibilities adequate to changing the status and job description of the position, he/she can apply for a Salary Increase/Non-Merit.


The procedure to apply for a Salary Increase/Non-Merit is as follows:

1. The Faculty or Staff member should submit a written request to his/her immediate supervisor, with a copy sent to the Director of Human Resources.

2. The immediate supervisor will forward the written request, along with his/her recommendation, to the Director of Human Resources within five working days.

A copy of the revised Job Description must accompany the request.

3. The Director of Human Resources will prepare within seven working days an analysis for review by the President of the University and the appropriate Vice President, which will include: a copy of the request and recommendation, the revised job description, a salary analysis of the position in review, and a copy of the most current annual evaluation of the requesting employee. Any faculty and/or staff member not meeting the requirements noted in the evaluation of the position will not be eligible for a salary increase.

4. The Director of Human Resources will notify the requesting employee of the final decision within 15 working days of the original request.



Presidential Salary Improvements

Each fall, after enrollment and salary increases, the President of the University will review a Compensation Analysis of Faculty and Staff prepared by the Director of Human Resources.

If budgetary funds allow, a faculty and/or staff member may receive a Presidential Salary Improvement if their annual salary is found to be out of range based on factors including, but not limited to, rank, position, and responsibilities.


Any faculty and/or staff member in review must have met or exceeded the requirements of the employee's position during the most recent annual Performance Evaluation to be eligible for an improvement. Any faculty and/or staff member receiving a Presidential Salary Improvement will be notified via letter from the Director of Human Resources.


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Performance Evaluation
Performance Metrics: Compliance with standard policy and procedure

Consequences: Loss of privileges

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Subject Experts
The following may be consulted for additional information.
Director of Human Resources

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