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Academic Requirements GREEK--103 02/04/2016
Annual Greek Organization Report and Review GREEK--110 02/04/2016
Community Service GREEK--105 11/03/2015
Establishing Greek Organizations GREEK--109 11/03/2015
Greek Awards GREEK--111 11/03/2015
Greek Council and Panhellenic Council GREEK--106 02/04/2016
Greek Life General Policies GREEK--112 11/03/2015
Greek Organization Disciplinary Regulations GREEK--108 02/04/2016
Hazing GREEK--107 02/04/2016
Membership GREEK--104 02/04/2016
On-Campus Advisors GREEK--102 02/04/2016
Policy, Procedures, and Structure Overview GREEK--100d 11/03/2015
Rights and Responsibilities GREEK--101 02/04/2016
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