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Complaint Procedure Regarding Special Accommodations DISAB--105 08/17/2012
Confidentiality Policy DISAB--106 08/17/2012
Cumberland University Commitment to Students with Disabilities DISAB--100d 09/12/2012
Definition of a Disability DISAB--101d 08/17/2012
Definition of a Major Life Activity DISAB--103d 08/17/2012
Definition of Substantially Limiting DISAB--102d 08/17/2012
Documentation Requirements for a Disability DISAB--101 09/12/2012
Factors Considered When Evaluating Special Accommodations in Housing Requests DISAB--110 08/17/2012
Faculty Responsibilities Concerning Students with Disabilities DISAB--111 09/12/2012
How to Receive Special Accommodations for a Disability DISAB--105d 09/12/2012
Proctors DISAB--103 08/17/2012
Residence Life and Special Accommodations in Housing DISAB--109 08/17/2012
Seizure Response Policy DISAB--107 09/12/2012
Service Animals DISAB--108 08/17/2012
Testing Procedures DISAB--102 09/12/2012
The Role of the Parent DISAB--104d 08/17/2012
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