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Factors Considered When Evaluating Special Accommodations in Housing Requests

Document Number: DISAB--110 Revision #: 1.0
Document Owner: Executive VP Date Last Updated: 08/17/2012
Primary Author: Director of Counseling/Disability Services Status: Approved
Date Originally Created: 11/22/2011

General Description

Factors considered when evaluation special accommodations in housing requests points of reference.


Delineation of policy


All faculty, staff, students, and administrators

Responsibility: Counseling/Disability Services
Dean of Students
Residence Life

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Relevant Knowledge: In order to comply with this policy you should know:
State statutes
Standards of good practice
Standard company policies
Local statutes
Federal statutes
Current University policy

Terms and Definitions: Additional training

Corrective Action

Loss of privilege, general

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Policy Provisions

Severity of the Condition

1. Is the impact of the condition life threatening if the request is not met?

2. Is the request an integral component of a treatment plan prescribed by a medical professional for the condition in question?



Timing of the Request

1. Was the request made with the initial housing request?

2. Was the request made as soon as possible after identifying the need? (Based on the date of the diagnosis, receipt of housing assignment, change in status, etc.)



Feasibility and Availability

1. Is space available that meets the student's documented need?

2. Can space be adapted to provide the requested accommodation without creating a safety hazard (electric load, etc.)?

3. Are there other effective methods or housing accommodations that would achieve similar benefits as the requested accommodation?

4. How does meeting this request impact housing commitments to other students?

The Director of Counseling/Disability Services will carefully consider each request when reviewing documentation and recommendations.


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Performance Evaluation
Performance Metrics: Compliance with federal mandate
Compliance with standard policy and procedure

Consequences: Further training
Loss of privileges
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Subject Experts
The following may be consulted for additional information.
Dean of Students

Director of Counseling/Disability Services

Director of Residence Life and Greek Affairs

Executive VP

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