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Date Originally Created: 09/13/2012


University Conduct Team


1. 3 faculty or staff members

2. 1 alternate member (available for special circumstances or in case of absence of a Team member)

3. 1 student representative (typically a GA)



1. To hear appeals from Student Development decisions.

2. The Team will make one of three decisions in every appeal hearing:

a. a decision may be upheld

b. a decision may be remanded or sent back for reconsideration of Student Development

c. a decision may be amended and the resulting sanction(s) be either increased or decreased



1. Shall be chaired by a Team member chosen by vote of the Team

2. Shall meet on an as-needed basis

3. Shall be called by the Dean of Students, the Executive Vice President, or their designee (if both are unavailable)



Shall be conducted by the Dean of Students or designee, when necessary.


Incidents of an Extreme Personal Nature or Evident Responsibility

Those situations of extreme personal nature or those situations in which a student is obviously responsible will be handled by the Dean of Students, the Executive Vice President, or their designee.  The same principles of the conduct system will guide those proceedings.

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