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NAIA Champions of Character Core Values
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Respect: Those associated with sport show respect by treating themselves, other persons, institutions and their sport according to the highest standards of conduct. It implies civilized and gracious behavior to players, coaches, fans and parents.



Responsibility: Athletes show responsibility by making academic progress toward graduation their top priority. They solve problems rather than make excuses, and are reliable team players. Students should be accountable for their actions and decisions, and coaches and administrators should maintain high standards of competence and conduct.



Integrity: For student competitors and their coaches, integrity means keeping commitments and conducting honest behavior. Coaches must subscribe to and practice the coach’s code and code of ethics, and student-athletes must know and understand the Champions of Character Student Athlete Pledge.


Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership: This core value refers to putting the group first and becoming responsible for personal and group roles while performing at your best. Students demonstrating servant leadership have a primary purpose of serving others while striving to become a personal and team leader. The servant-leader provides a critical service to society and the great gift of good example.



Sportsmanship: The conduct of educational sports according to the highest standards is our expectation for sportsmanship. All participants are expected to act correctly even when others do not, and demonstrate fairness and equity in all contests and relationships.

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