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The purpose of the intercollegiate athletic program at Cumberland University is to instill in every student-athlete the highest standards of personal integrity and responsibility.




The Cumberland University intercollegiate athletic program provides the opportunity for each student-athlete to develop self-discipline through the setting and achievement of goals in the classroom and in their sport.




The Cumberland University intercollegiate athletic program is dedicated to:

· Providing equal opportunity for intercollegiate participation for male and female student-athletes, and all minorities.

· Supporting the satisfactory academic progress of each student-athlete.

· Offering intercollegiate programs for both male and female student-athletes.

· Appropriately representing CU by maintaining sportsmanship and by displaying fair play in competition.

· Holding student-athletes accountable to standards at or about the University’s regulations on personal behaviour.

· Complying with the policies of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), and the Mid-South Conference.

· Providing equal access to financial assistance for all qualified student-athletes.

· Ensuring the physical, emotional, and social welfare of each student-athlete.


Cumberland Creed

Academic honesty is essential to effective learning. Therefore, we as seekers of knowledge hold these as our core values: personal integrity, individual worth, critical and independent thinking, discipline, community responsibility and accountability.


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