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Corporate & Foundation Requests Dissemination Plan 2011
Info Sheet

Document Number: ADV--108d Revision #: 1.0
Document Owner: Executive VP Date Last Updated: 08/17/2012
Primary Author: VP for Advancement Status: Approved
Date Originally Created: 02/13/2012


Office of Advancement Will Provide the Following to Each School

1. Funding opportunities from local, regional, and national foundations / corporations will be announced by email to all Deans / Department Leaders at least one time per month or more by email based on the funding opportunities.  


2. A list of funding opportunities will be provided by email at least 3 months prior to the foundation / corporation proposal due dates.  (Please note: in some cases we may discover an opportunity that is due less than 3 months.  Please work with Deans / Dept. Leaders and Advancement to determine if there is enough time to complete the proposal.)


3. Each Dean / Dept. Leader will receive the same message by email from Advancement regarding potential funding opportunities.  It is up to the Deans and Dept. Leaders to disseminate the information to all of their Faculty and Staff.


4. Assistance in researching, preparing, writing, and editing for each proposal.


5. Final review and obtain signatures from President and authorized personnel for proposals.


6. Provide required attachments (as needed) such as Board of Trust list, form 990, organization budget, 501 (c)3 letter, etc.


7. Copy, file, mail and follow up on proposals as needed.


8. Ensure progress report requirements are met and submitted to prospects in a timely matter.  This will require in some cases, assistance from the originating Faculty or Staff person.


Deans, Department Leaders, and Faculty to Provide to the Office of Advancement

1. Disseminate foundation / corporate funding opportunities sent from the Office of Advancement by email to each Faculty and Staff member within their school or area of campus.  This will allow for each person to review and decide if the funding opportunity fits with their needs.  Since funding opportunities are timely, Deans / Dept. Leaders will be asked to send the notice out to their faculty within one week of receiving the notice (please copy Cheryl Bockstruck on these emails).  


2. If interested in a funding opportunity and submitting a proposal, please follow these steps:   

· Prepare background information for the funding request (please use FUNDING REQUEST form provided).

· Discuss funding request with Dean or Dept. Leader.

· Once request is approved by Dean or Dept. Leader - email the FUNDING REQUEST form to Cheryl at – funding requests will be reviewed by Jonathon Hawkins and Cheryl Bockstruck to make final decisions on which requests are best suited for application.  


PLEASE NOTE:  A due date for all funding requests to be submitted to the Office of Advancement for review will be identified in the original email sent to all Deans / Dept. Leaders notifying them of the opportunities.


3. If interested in a funding opportunity you must reply to Cheryl Bockstruck no later than the due date set in the email disseminated.  It is important that we all follow the timelines set in our correspondence so that we don’t miss any opportunities to apply.


4. Faculty and Staff will be responsible for writing the core narrative of the grant.  Advancement will assist with the entire process that includes: data collection, editing, reviewing, obtaining signatures, mailing and reporting.  All other grants that relate to university priorities will be written by the primary grant writer.


Additional Details

· Not all foundations or corporations allow multiple requests from the same organization.  In some situations it’s only one.  The Office of Advancement will need to review all Faculty / Staff funding requests and make the final decision on the most competitive idea.  Remember to focus on the needs that best fit into the University’s priorities and that will have the greatest impact.   

· Due dates are very important.  Please make note all funding request due dates (internal and external).  The earlier we submit proposals the better.

· Government grants are time consuming.  The Office of Advancement will assist with the overall process but the core writing will need to be done by Faculty and Staff.  

· Faculty and Staff visits with Development Officer and prospects are key to developing and cultivating relationships.  Everyone’s participation is appreciated.

· All communication whether by email or phone will be beneficial in acquiring all information needed to complete a proposal.  Please communicate with Cheryl Bockstruck at or by calling at 547-1245.

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Corporate and Foundation Funding Request Dissemination Plan
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