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Academic Calendar Spring 2013 to Fall 2015 ACAD--101d 02/12/2013
Academic Credit Hours Guidelines ACAD--171 09/27/2013
Academic Deadline Policy ACAD--159 07/11/2013
Academic Forgiveness Policy ACAD--108 09/27/2013
Academic Integrity Board ACAD--114d 07/11/2013
Academic Integrity Violations and Recommended Sanctions ACAD--114 08/20/2014
Academic Load ACAD--112 09/27/2013
Academic Misconduct ACAD--113 09/27/2013
Academic Regulations--Academic Advisors ACAD--110 09/27/2013
Academic Regulations--Academic Appeals or Exceptions ACAD--111 09/27/2013
Academic Status ACAD--115 09/27/2013
Academic Terms Emphasis ACAD--116 09/27/2013
Acceptance of Transfer Credit ACAD--118 09/27/2013
Add Policy ACAD--157 07/11/2013
Add Process ACAD--157pr 07/11/2013
Assessment ACAD--107pr 07/11/2013
Attendance Policy ACAD--119 04/04/2014
Auditing of Classes ACAD--120 09/27/2013
Challenge Exams ACAD--179 07/11/2013
Change of Address, Phone Number, E-mail, Name, and/or Major ACAD--121 09/27/2013
Class Availability ACAD--122 09/27/2013
Class Cancellation ACAD--123 09/27/2013
Class Preparation ACAD--124 09/27/2013
Class Standing ACAD--126 09/27/2013
Classification of Students, Terms, and Courses ACAD--128 09/27/2013
Computer Facilities ACAD--130 09/27/2013
Concurrent Enrollment ACAD--131 09/27/2013
Correspondence Credits ACAD--132 09/27/2013
Counseling ACAD--133d 08/17/2012
Course and Curriculum Changes--Revised March 2009 ACAD--178 07/11/2013
Curriculum Development-Traditional Campus and Online Studies ACAD--104 10/11/2012
Dean's List ACAD--134 09/27/2013
Degree Completion ACAD--135 09/27/2013
Degree Completion ACAD--174 09/27/2013
Directed Study Policy and Procedure ACAD--127 09/27/2013
Drop Policy ACAD--158 07/11/2013
Drop Process ACAD--158pr 07/11/2013
Educational Goals ACAD--136d 09/27/2013
Educational Opportunities ACAD--137d 09/27/2013
Enrollment Certification/Verification ACAD--138 09/27/2013
Enrollment Policies ACAD--139 07/11/2013
Faculty Senate ACAD--140 07/11/2013
Final Examinations ACAD--141 09/27/2013
Final Term Grades ACAD--142 09/27/2013
GEC Goals and Student Learning Outcomes ACAD--105 07/11/2013
General Information/Procedure Relative to Academic Affairs Policy ACAD--101p 07/11/2013
Grade Appeal Process Guidelines ACAD--175pr 07/11/2013
Grade Appeals ACAD--175 07/11/2013
Grade Appeals Procedure ACAD--175p 07/11/2013
Grading System and Quality Points ACAD--143 10/31/2013
Graduate Courses and Curriculum Changes ACAD--103 07/11/2013
Graduate/Professional School Preparation ACAD--144d 09/27/2013
Graduation ACAD--145d 07/11/2013
Graduation Requirements ACAD--146 09/27/2013
Graduation with Honors ACAD--147 09/27/2013
Instruction Schedule ACAD--125 09/27/2013
Intent to Graduate ACAD--148 09/27/2013
Internship and Practicum Experiences ACAD--149 09/27/2013
Leave of Absence--Student ACAD--177 07/11/2013
Majors and Minors ACAD--117 07/11/2013
Policy Statements ACAD--106 07/11/2013
Prerequisites ACAD--151 09/27/2013
Probation, Suspension , Dismissal, and Good Standing ACAD--152 07/11/2013
Procedures for Approval and Implementation of Academic Policies ACAD--000 07/11/2013
Re-Admission Appeal ACAD--153 07/11/2013
Records Management--Academic Affairs ACAD--161 09/27/2013
Reduced Registration ACAD--156 07/11/2013
Registration ACAD--154d 09/27/2013
Registration Policy ACAD--155 09/27/2013
Regular Examination and Related Assignments ACAD--160 09/27/2013
Release of Information ACAD--162 09/27/2013
Repeating Courses ACAD--163 09/27/2013
Role of Academic Administrators ACAD--164d 09/27/2013
School of Education Candidate Background Check Policy and Procedures ACAD--176 07/11/2013
Second Degree Programs ACAD--165 09/27/2013
Semester Hours Required for Baccalaureate Majors ACAD--166 09/27/2013
Sponsored Projects Policy ACAD--109 08/17/2012
Sponsored Projects Procedures ACAD--109p 08/17/2012
Transcript Requests ACAD--167pr 09/27/2013
Transient Permission ACAD--168 09/27/2013
Tutoring ACAD--169d 07/11/2013
Undergraduate Course and Curriculum Changes ACAD--102 07/11/2013
Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Courses ACAD--170 09/27/2013
Use of English ACAD--172 09/27/2013
Withdrawal for Medical Reasons ACAD--150 09/27/2013
Withdrawal Process ACAD--179pr 09/27/2013
Withdrawals--Administrative ACAD--129 09/19/2014
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