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Sponsored Projects Policy

Document Number: ACAD--109 Revision #: 1.0
Document Owner: Executive VP Date Last Updated: 08/17/2012
Primary Author: VP for Academic Affairs Status: Approved
Date Originally Created: 11/14/2011

General Description

This document concerns the rights and obligations of faculty, staff and students pertaining to privately and governmentally sponsored projects (i.e., grant and contract funded) at CU.



Delineation of policy


Faculty, VP of Development, VP for Academic Affairs, VP of Business and Finance

Responsibility: President
VP for Academic Affairs
VP for Advancement
VP of Business and Finance
VP of Development

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Relevant Knowledge: In order to comply with this policy you should know:
Standards of good practice
Standard company policies
Current University policy

Terms and Definitions: Additional training

Corrective Action

Loss of privilege, staff

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Policy Provisions


The University recognizes the right of faculty, staff and students to solicit, conduct, or participate in privately and governmentally sponsored research, whether such research is classified or not, so long as it is within the limits of existing CU policies as detailed in the faculty, staff and student handbooks.



Sponsored Work

Sponsored work at CU is justified when it is derived from the CU mission, contributes toward the professional development of the faculty or staff, or provides opportunities for enriching students' educational experience.



Sponsored Project Proposals


The President has designated the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Vice President of Development as the reviewing and coordinating officers for all sponsored project proposals submitted to outside agencies. These officers review and approve grants based on feasibility for the University and compatibility with the University's mission, provide access to grant materials, direct completion of grant proposals, help locate sources of potential funding, advise and assist with proposal presentation and University administrative procedures, and review the work plan, commitments and budget. These two officers will also coordinate negotiations between the sponsoring agency and the University.  The source of funds normally determines which officer has jurisdiction, with government or corporate funding defaulting to the Vice President of Academic Affairs and private funding and foundation grants to the Vice President for Development.



Supplemental Procedures

The University has established supplemental procedures (Procedures for Sponsored Projects), available from the Office of Academic Affairs and from the Office of Development, to ensure the effective implementation of the University's policy concerning sponsored work.



Designated Fiscal Approval Authority


The VP for Academic Affairs and VP of Development is designated the prior fiscal approval authority for the University. The VP of Business and Finance will ensure that modification of grant and contract budgets in force and prior approval requirements are in accordance with the regulations of the sponsoring agency. The VP of Business and Finance is also responsible for all fiscal billing for sponsored projects.



Final Authorit for Accepting and Signing Contracts and Grants


Final authority for accepting and signing contracts and grants is vested in the President of the University, who may designate such responsibility to the certifying officer (i.e., appropriate Vice President).



Faculty Compensation for Sponsored Projects

A faculty member (during the regular academic year) or staff person (year round) whose salary is paid in full by the University may not engage in sponsored projects for extra remuneration except under specific conditions and when deemed by the administration to be in the best interests of the University and the individual involved. Conditions that must be met for extra compensation are:

a. Funds must be provided in the grant or contract to compensate the specific responsibilities to be assumed by the faculty or staff person; and

b. Such duties will not interfere with the faculty or staff's duties to the University.

c. Such exceptions require written approval of the dean, chairperson or department director and the appropriate Vice President.



Faculty Release Time for Contracts or Grants


When the contract or grant calls for faculty release time from regular University duties during the regular academic year, the basic nine-month salary from the instructional budget will be reduced proportionally. The reassigned time will be compensated from contract or grant funds at the basic salary rate. Conditions that must be met for reassigned time are:

a. Funds must be provided in the grant or contract to compensate the faculty member for his/her reassigned time, freeing instructional budget funds to pay alternate instructor(s) to teach those course(s).

b. The written approval of the dean or department chairperson and the Vice President for Academic Affairs is required.



Income and Expenses for Sponsored Projects

Any and all income and expenses generated by a sponsored project shall be assigned specific accounts established through the VP of Business and Finance. Use and allocation of income shall be determined by applicable regulations of the sponsoring agency and/or an agreement between the Project Director or Principal Investigator and the certifying officer for the project. All expenditures of project income must be approved by the VP of Business and Finance.



Equipment Purchased with External Funds


Any and all equipment purchased with external funds is the property of CU unless otherwise specified by the sponsoring agency. Upon request, the VP for Academic Affairs and the VP of Development/Advancement will negotiate equipment ownership issues with sponsoring agencies.



Project Director or Principal Investigator Role


The Project Director or Principal Investigator must conduct the sponsored project and apply all applicable University policies and procedures in the management of the project in accordance with all terms agreed to and stated in the grant or contract agreement.



Purposes of Policy


For the purposes of this policy, sponsored projects shall be construed to include sponsored research, service and training projects, and other categories of awards for all except basic capital construction and maintenance projects. Grants and contracts involving CU personnel that do not involve University resources and do not contractually bind the University are exempt from this policy.





This policy, in whole or in any part, is subject to review, update and change.



Preparing Proposals


Project Directors/Principal Investigators preparing proposals should also contact the VP for Academic Affairs or the VP of Development/Advancement for information if any of the following are applicable to a proposal:

· Classified research

· Patent and revenue sharing

· Human beings as subjects in research

· Use of animals in education and research

· Conflict of interest


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Subject Experts
The following may be consulted for additional information.
Executive VP

VP for Academic Affairs

VP of Development

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