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General Description

Information about the application, recruitment, and hiring process of staff members relative to Director of Human Resources policy.


Delineation of policy.


All faculty, staff, and administrators

Responsibility: Human Resources

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Relevant Knowledge: In order to comply with this policy you should know:
Standard company policies
Current University policy

Terms and Definitions: Additional training

Corrective Action

Loss of privilege, general

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Policy Provisions

Application, Recruitment, and Hiring

Cumberland University does not accept applications for employment except at those times when a search has been authorized. The Human Resource Office will inform all inquiring individuals of this policy. In order to be considered for a position, an applicant must submit a resume and letter of interest indicating the position of interest.


If information is misrepresented or omitted from an application form or resume, or if misleading information is given by an applicant during the interview process, Cumberland University reserves the right to revoke or withdraw any offer of employment or to terminate employment.


These policies and procedures will be followed in the application, recruitment and hiring of employees within the Administrative Staff and Support Staff.



Posting of Employment Opportunities

In an effort to encourage promotion and transfer from within, the University will send notices of employment opportunities at Cumberland University as positions become available prior to public announcements. Such notices will posted on the University's Job Opportunities website.




Transfer - Any move to a position with a different division/department is considered a position transfer.


Lateral transfer - Any move to a position within the same division/department, having the same or similar title and pay grade, is considered a position lateral transfer.


Promotion - A move within or outside the division/department is considered a promotion if it places an individual in a higher pay grade, even if the actual salary is not increased.



Receiving Applicants – Vacant and Established Positions


When a staff vacancy occurs within a school, division and/or department, the following steps/procedures should be followed:


1. A Request To Recruit Form (Appendix A) should be completed and submitted to the Human Resource Office, accompanied by the resignation, discharge, retirement or other documentation of incumbent, if available. Request To Recruit Forms are available in the Human Resource Office.

2. The Job Description, on file in the Human Resource Office, will be reviewed and revisions made, if needed, by the supervisor. Revisions made to Job Descriptions must be approved by the Director of Human Resources and the President.

3. The Request To Recruit Form and a copy of the Job Description will be submitted to the President of the University by the Director of Human Resources for the authorization to search. At the time of such authorization, the hiring supervisor and the Director of Human Resources will work together in completing the following:

a. An explanation of salary range will be given to the hiring supervisor. A hiring supervisor will not, at any time, change the salary range, for any reason, unless authorized in writing by the President of the University.

b. The announcement of the employment opportunity will be made to the University, using the procedure stated previously, for promotion or transfer from within.

c. In addition to posting within the University, advertisement of employment opportunities may be sent to newspapers and publications by the Director of Human Resources, after consultation with the Director of Human Resources. Cost of advertising will be charged to the hiring school, division or department. Advertisements for positions on the Executive level may be placed in national publications; Administrative positions in publications with statewide distribution; and Support and Physical Plant positions in local publications.

d. Applications and/or resumes will be received and acknowledged by the Human Resource Office. Copies of such applications will be forwarded to the hiring supervisor for consideration.

e. If a hiring supervisor wishes to consider an individual whose application has not been received by the Human Resource Office, he/she must contact the Human Resource Office. All individuals who are considered for a staff position must complete an application or submit a resume.



Creating a New Staff Position

Before a position can be filled, it must formally exist within the University, and have classification, status and budgetary approval. To create a new staff position, the following procedures should be followed.

1. A written proposal will be submitted by the Executive Member of the requesting

division/department to the President of the University for consideration. A detailed Job Description must accompany the proposal.

2. The Director of Human Resources will review the proposed position, establishing classification and status. All documentation must be forwarded to the Human Resource Office for establishment consideration.

3. At the time of establishment by the President, steps to recruit applicants will follow the procedures set forth in the Vacant, Established Position section.




The goal of an interview is to determine whether an applicant is qualified to perform the duties of the position and will complement the department.

1. As qualified applicants are referred, hiring supervisors begin conducting interviews. Not all applicants are necessarily interviewed; however, the group of individuals interviewed should be representative of the applicant pool for the position, and should be sufficient in scope so that the most qualified applicants are given due consideration.

2. Depending on the type of position and/or request by the hiring supervisor, a search committee may be formed or a number of individuals may become involved in the interview and selection process.

3. Hiring supervisors (and other interviewers if appropriate) should explain the nature of the position, its essential job requirements, and ask questions that can establish whether the applicant can satisfactorily perform those requirements. Interviewers should ask only job-related questions; personal questions are not relevant or appropriate.

4. The Human Resource Director will be available to provide the applicant/candidate with benefit and policy information.

5. Any interview notes by all interviewers and paperwork on all applicants are subject to audit and will be kept on file in the Human Resource Department for two (2) years from the date of hire.



Checking References

1. Hiring supervisors may elect to have the Human Resource Office check prior work references and provide that information with referrals or supervisors may check references directly. References must, however, be checked prior to an offer of employment.

2. Supervisors who choose to check references directly should use the same criteria for asking relevant reference questions as they use when conducting interviews.



Offers of Employment

Once interviews have been conducted and references checked, the hiring supervisor may select the best-qualified applicant for the position. The Director of Human Resources shall appropriate administrative approval to make an offer of employment.

1. Following this selection and approval, the Director of Human Resources will make an offer of employment. The offer will be in the form of a standard letter stating:

a. Position and Title

b. Annual Salary or Hourly Rate

c. Effective Date of Hire

d. Note that the offer of employment does not create a contract of employment for a specific term and that employment is terminable at the will of either party.

2. Verbal or written offers of staff employment are not contracts for guaranteed employment. Individuals who accept regular staff positions are employed for an indefinite period of time; employees can quit at any time, and Cumberland can end the employment relationship at any time. There is no guarantee or implication of "permanent" staff employment.

3. The Human Resource Office will also notify all other interviewed candidates, in the form of a standard letter, that they have not been selected.

4. Hiring a minor. Federal and state laws restrict the nature and amount of work that persons under the age of 18 can perform. Supervisors who are considering hiring a minor must contact the Human Resource Office to ensure compliance with all child labor laws.

5. Hiring a Cumberland University student. Student employment by Cumberland University is a form of financial aid intended to assist students in financing their education at Cumberland University. Individuals who are presently at Cumberland University primarily as students may not normally hold full-time, core staff positions.

6. Hiring an international applicant. Individuals who hold citizenship in countries other than the United States are subject to special conditions related to employment. Eligibility to work in the U.S. depends on an individual's visa status. Supervisors who are considering hiring a foreign national applicant must contact the Human Resource Office to ensure that all legal and policy requirements are met. 


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Performance Evaluation
Performance Metrics: Compliance with standard policy and procedure

Consequences: Further training
Loss of privileges

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Subject Experts
The following may be consulted for additional information.
Director of Human Resources

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