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Break Period Closures

Document Number: RESLIFE--122 Revision #: 1.0
Document Owner: Executive VP Date Last Updated: 01/03/2014
Primary Author: Director of Residence Life and Greek Affairs Status: Approved
Date Originally Created: 11/09/2011

General Description

Policy on break periods in residence halls


Delineation of policy


Residence Life, Students

Responsibility: Residence Life

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Current University policy

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Corrective Action

Loss of privilege, student

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Policy Provisions

Break Periods

Residential space in university residence halls is provided to Cumberland students in accordance with official dates published on the University website and its calendar. University residence halls do not provide 12-month housing accommodations and University residence halls are officially closed to student occupancy during scheduled break periods.  During these periods residence hall students must find alternate housing accommodations off campus for the duration of the break period.


During the Winter Break and Spring Break, students continuing in the residence halls for spring semester may leave their personal items in their current room and those students are not expected to move out completely of the residence halls. Access to the halls during the break is restricted, so students will not have access to items left in their rooms.

During the summer break, students must completely vacate the residence halls and move all personal property out of the halls. The university does not provide storage of personal items in university facilities.



Reasons for Break Period Closings

Residence halls are closed during these periods for several important reasons:

A. Proper Care and Maintenance of Facilities: Proper care and maintenance requires vacating of rooms and periodic shutdown and interruption of basic services such as water, electrical, fire and life safety systems in order conduct these activities.

B. Safety & Security: During traditional break periods students leave the campus and vacate the residence halls, university offices are closed on holidays, and services and staffing levels are reduced. These factors combined require closing residence halls and restricting access to reduce safety and security risks.

C. Staffing & Services: Break periods are typically scheduled around major holidays and are popular times for university personnel to utilize holiday and vacation time, thus reducing staffing levels and service. University staff utilizes this time to conduct training programs for staff, work on special projects, prepare for the upcoming semester, and are not able to provide all services typically available during regular operations.

D. Cost: Room and board costs do not cover break periods. Providing these services would require the assessment of additional fees to cover all costs.


Requests to Stay After Break Closing or Return Prior to Opening

All residence halls will completely close during break periods. All residential students must checkout during posted break periods. For a fee, students may request to stay a few days after the closing or return a few days before opening, provided there is staff coverage in the hall at that time. Students must complete a Break Agreement with the Office of Residence Life before the appropriate announced deadline. Those who fail to checkout properly or return early without permission will be charged a minimum $25 fine and/or subject to disciplinary action/fines.


All students will be required to surrender their keys during the Winter Break period. Failure to surrender a key will result in a $25 fine.


Break Period Exceptions

Students who are participating in varsity athletic competition for Cumberland University or students working on behalf of Residence Life will be permitted to stay on campus during periods in which the residence halls are closed. No fee will be assigned to these individuals. These students will be required to complete a Break Agreement.


The University may elect to relocate these students to temporary housing accommodations to provide better security and oversight during the break period.

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Subject Experts
The following may be consulted for additional information.
Director of Residence Life and Greek Affairs

Executive VP

Executive Director of Facilities and Safety

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