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Academic Integrity--Net.Work ONLINEFAC--115 03/02/2015
Advising International Students in Net.Work ONLINEFAC--128 03/02/2015
Attendance/Participation ONLINEFAC--110 03/02/2015
Compensation Schedule--Net.Work ONLINEFAC--124 03/02/2015
Definition of Net.Work ONLINEFAC--001d 03/02/2015
Directed Studies for Net.Work Students ONLINEFAC--126 01/15/2015
Employment Contract, Due Process, Terminations ONLINEFAC--109 03/02/2015
Evaluations of Faculty Performance--Net.Work ONLINEFAC--125 03/02/2015
Faculty and Student Relationships in the Net.Work Environment ONLINEFAC--101 03/02/2015
Faculty Development Training--Net.Work ONLINEFAC--121 03/02/2015
Faculty Expectations--Net.Work ONLINEFAC--119 03/02/2015
Faculty Members and Conflict of Interest ONLINEFAC--106 03/02/2015
Faculty Members and the Community at Large ONLINEFAC--107 03/02/2015
Faculty Members and the University ONLINEFAC--105 03/02/2015
Faculty Members as Colleagues ONLINEFAC--104 03/02/2015
Faculty Members as Scholars ONLINEFAC--103 03/02/2015
Faculty Members as Teachers ONLINEFAC--102 03/02/2015
Faculty Responsibilities Concerning Students with Disabilities--Net.Work ONLINEFAC--114 03/02/2015
Faculty Workload Limits--Net.Work Studies ONLINEFAC--118 03/02/2015
Fee for Course Development and Course Instruction of Net.Work Courses ONLINEFAC--127 01/15/2015
Grading Responsibilities--Net.Work ONLINEFAC--112 03/02/2015
Grading--Net.Work Studies ONLINEFAC--111 06/04/2015
Legal Issues: Copyrighted Material--Net.Work ONLINEFAC--123 03/02/2015
Probation, Suspension, Dismissal, Good Standing ONLINEFAC--113 03/02/2015
Procedure for Preliminary, Unofficial Transcript Evaluations for Net.Work Student Prospects ONLINEFAC--105p 03/02/2015
Professional Security and Academic Freedom ONLINEFAC--108 03/02/2015
Sexual Harassment and Discrimination While Working Online ONLINEFAC--117 03/02/2015
Sick Leave and Other Absences--Net.Work ONLINEFAC--120 03/02/2015
Student Grade Appeals--Net.Work ONLINEFAC--113pr 03/02/2015
Technology Requirements--Net.Work ONLINEFAC--122d 03/02/2015
Textbooks and Other Course Materials--Net.Work ONLINEFAC--116 09/02/2015
University Administrative Structure ONLINEFAC--002d 03/02/2015
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