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Student Absences

Regular and punctual attendance at class sessions, laboratory or clinical, and examinations is expected.   Attendance is viewed as essential to effective participation in the instructional program. All faculty and instructors will record attendance.


Faculty members specify attendance policies in their individual course syllabi. A student may not be penalized for absences resulting from required participation in University activities such as, but not limited to, athletic competitions, band and choir performances, field trips, and conferences. Practice associated with University activities is not included. Consideration of absences for illness, emergencies, and other non-sanctioned activities will be at the discretion of the course instructor.


Attendance is required for all clinical hours.  A makeup clinical is only arranged for illness with health care provider’s statement or death in family. A makeup clinical is not guaranteed.  


Faculty members and coaches in charge of activities which require students to be absent from class should notify the instructor prior to the absence. Each student must assume personal responsibility for all information, discussion, and conceptual analysis that took place during the class. Absence from class will not be accepted as an excuse for not knowing class material.



Unexcused Absences

Unexcused Absences that affect the student’s ability to meet clinical objectives are considered unsatisfactory clinical performance and may result in failure.  Refer to each course syllabus for further information about tardiness and absence from class and/or clinical. Failure to notify one’s clinical instructor prior to the scheduled arrival time is considered unexcused.




If the professor is fifteen (15) minutes late for class without the class being informed, the class is officially cancelled. Students should return the next class period prepared with the material and assignments due for the canceled class as well as prepared for the additional material scheduled on the syllabus.


Attendance and participation in class are critical for learning the material.     If other campus responsibilities (e.g.: athletic teams, band trips, etc.) cause you to miss an in-class quiz or test, arrangements should be made by you with the instructor for alternate quiz or test times before the in-class quiz or test date



Inclement Weather

In the event of extreme and/or adverse weather conditions, Cumberland University may be closed.  CU weather alert texting will be utilized. If you would like to sign up for Alert Texting, use your cell phone text messaging feature. Create a new message with the word CUALERTS and send it to 41411. The alert system will send a confirmation back to you.   Faculty, staff, and students are expected to exercise personal discretion regarding their safety whether the University is open or closed, and students are responsible for notifying their faculty.


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