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General Description

Information about how to progress successfully in the School of Nursing and Health Sciences.


Delineation of policy.



Responsibility: Academic Affairs
All faculty, staff, students, and administrators
VP for Academic Affairs

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Relevant Knowledge: In order to comply with this policy you should know:
Current University policy
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Terms and Definitions: Additional training

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Loss of privilege, general

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Policy Provisions

School of Nursing and Health Sciences Policies and Procedures


To progress successfully

Achievement of a minimum grade of "C" in the didactic portion and a “P” in the clinical portion of all courses is required.  A student who does not earn a "C" and/or a “P” must re-take the course the next time it is offered.  Students should be aware that some nursing courses may not be offered more than once per academic year.  Because many nursing courses are sequential, failing a specific course may prohibit a student from taking another course the following semester due to pre-requisite requirements.


Any student who receives a final course grade of “D” or lower any Nursing course will be placed on probation.  If the student earns a second (2nd) “D” or lower in a nursing course they will be permanently dismissed from the program.


Any student who has previously attended another Nursing program and is admitted to the Cumberland University School of Nursing with a final course grade of a “D” or lower will be assessed as already having one (1) “D” or lower in a nursing course.  Therefore if the student receives another “D” or lower in a Nursing course at Cumberland University the student will be dismissed from the program.  


Any student who is readmitted into the Nursing Program through Academic Forgiveness or Academic Reprieve will only be allowed one (1) nursing course failure following their forgiveness or reprieve.


The Nursing Admission and Progression Committee will review each student’s case individually to determine placement in the Program of Study. Placement in the Program of Study may range from beginning the Nursing Program of Study with the first nursing course – NUR 302 – Professional Nursing Foundations to repeating only the course in which a failing grade was earned.   


Standardized subject area tests will be administered in selected nursing courses.  If the student does not meet the established benchmark, the student must work with Director of Student Success to improve their scores.



Exit Exam and Remediation Policy for Successful Entry into Nursing Practice

The exit exam is given to assess students’ competency and evaluate achievement of curricular outcomes.  The primary purpose of the Exit Exam is to offer predictive accuracy for NCLEX® success.   It is also used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the students’ core nursing knowledge and the need for remediation prior to taking the RN-licensure exam.   The test is comprehensive in nature and is constructed to mirror the content of the corresponding NCLEX exam.  


Students should develop a study plan and prepare for the Exit Exam throughout the semester as you would for your NCLEX Board Exam.  It is important to understand the areas that the exam covers, review the content for those areas, determine weaknesses (knowledge deficits), and use practice questions to gain familiarity with the process of taking a computerized, standardized exam with NCLEX-RN level questions.   The Center for Nursing Success has a suggested template for you to use in developing your study plan which will be emailed to you.  



Step 1:   Take Exit Exam (Kaplan Secure Predictor #1)

A. The exit exam will be given in the computer lab in Labry Hall or Mt. Juliet computer lab.  The student needs to bring their Kaplan username and password.  Testers will be allowed a piece

of paper, pencil and bottle of water at their testing station.  No cell phones, back-packs or purses

will be allowed at the stations.  There is a three hour time limit for the 160 questions.

B. All students must achieve a minimum score of 60% on the Exit Exam, representing a minimum

     level of knowledge.  There will be no rounding up of scores.  

C. Students scoring less than 60% on the Exit Exam are required to complete a remediation program

     prior to academic degree being conferred.   

1. The course coordinator will be notified of scores following the exam.  

2. Until the remediation program is complete the student will  receive an incomplete in Successful Entry (NUR 491).    


Step 2:  Remediation Process

A. The remediation program will take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete following the date of graduation

B. Remediation MUST BE COMPLETED within four weeks following the Kaplan course (offered the week following pinning and graduation) unless extreme extenuating circumstances (death in the family or hospitalization) preclude the student from completing in this time frame.  Arrangements must be made for additional time with the Director of Center for Nursing Success.

C. To meet the requirements for remediation, the student must:

1. Meet with Director of the Center for Nursing Success to discuss an individualized plan of study.

2. The plan of study will include:

a. Attending the four day Kaplan course the week following graduation (provided by CU to all graduates) and taking the readiness and diagnostic tests.

b. Attending four meetings with NCLEX strategy coach and completing 1000 q-bank questions.

c. Completion of note cards (to remediate missed q-bank questions and prepare study notes over missed content). A template will be provided.


STEP 3:  Exit Exam Success and/or Post- Remediation Completion

A. Students who score 60% or higher on the exit exam are not required to formally remediate but are  HIGHLY encouraged to attend the four-day Kaplan course that is provided the week following graduation.  All Cumberland University nursing graduates have access to all of Kaplan NCLEX preparation materials available on the website under the NCLEX Prep section.  

B. Students who score 60% or higher on the exit exam are also encouraged to meet with the Director of the Center for Nursing Success to plan an individual study plan and to discuss results on the exit exam.  

C. Graduates are welcome to meet with the NCLEX strategy coach.  

D. For those students who score less than 60% on the exit exam and complete the remediation process described above:

1. The Successful Entry (NUR 491) course coordinator will be notified when the above  requirements requirements have been met.  Once the requirements have been met, the following will occur:  

a. A change of grade form will be sent by the course coordinator to the registrar and the earned grade for Successful Entry (NUR 491) will be submitted.  In addition:

b. The students’ degree will be conferred,

c. The students’ transcript will be sent from the registrar to the School of Nursing, and

d. The graduate will receive their diploma in the mail (diploma takes approximately 1-2 weeks to arrive).  

e. The Dean (or his/her designee) will take the student’s application for the NCLEX-RN to the TN Board of Nursing.   


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Performance Evaluation
Performance Metrics: Compliance with standard policy and procedure

Consequences: Further training
Loss of privileges

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Subject Experts
The following may be consulted for additional information.
Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Professions

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