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Absence from Work HR--113 08/17/2012
Academic Freedom FacHR--103 07/11/2013
Academic Policies HR--161 07/11/2013
Additional Employment Outside Staff Members' Job Description HR--190 05/02/2014
Additional Responsibilities of Full-Time Faculty FacHR--104 07/11/2013
Adjunct Faculty Policies FacHR--141 07/11/2013
Application, Retruitment, and Hiring StaffHR--104 08/17/2012
Appointment and Orientation of New Faculty FacHR--107 07/11/2013
At Will Appointment FacHR--112 07/11/2013
Bereavement Leave HR--121 08/17/2012
Class Schedules FacHR--128 07/11/2013
Communicable Disease Policy HR--111 07/11/2013
Compensation Policies--Fair Labor Standards Act HR--134 08/17/2012
Compensation Policies--Payroll Deductions and Policies HR--136 08/17/2012
Compensation Policies--Payroll Period HR--135 08/17/2012
Compensation Policy HR--133 08/17/2012
Computer Services--Additional Computer Network User Responsibilities HR--148 08/17/2012
Computer Services--Computer Software Training HR--150 08/17/2012
Computer Services--Network Capable Computers HR--144 07/11/2013
Computer Services--Secure Use of Computers HR--140 08/17/2012
Computer Services--University Web Page Publishing HR--152 08/17/2012
Confidentiality Policy StaffHR--113 08/17/2012
Conflict of Interest Policy HR--112 08/17/2012
Course Outline and Syllabi FacHR--127 06/16/2014
Current University Officers HR--100 07/11/2013
Discipline and Termination of Employment FacHR--117 07/11/2013
Domestic Partner Policy FacHR--108 07/11/2013
Drug Free Work Place Policy HR--108 08/17/2012
Employee Drug and Alcohol Policy HR--109 08/17/2012
Employment of Faculty Relatives FacHR--111 07/11/2013
End of Staff Employment StaffHR--110 08/17/2012
Evaluation of Faculty FacHR--116 06/10/2014
Faculty Absences and Tardiness FacHR--129 07/11/2013
Faculty and Staff Benefits HR--123 08/17/2012
Faculty and Staff Benefits--Continuation of Insurance Benefits--COBRA HR--129 08/17/2012
Faculty and Staff Benefits--Educational Assistance Program HR--131 01/27/2017
Faculty and Staff Benefits--Health Insurance HR--126 08/17/2012
Faculty and Staff Benefits--Life Insurance HR--127 08/17/2012
Faculty and Staff Benefits--Moving Expenses Reimbursement Plan HR--132 08/17/2012
Faculty and Staff Benefits--Other Elected Insurance Coverage HR--128 08/17/2012
Faculty and Staff Benefits--Retirement Program Option--TIAA-CREF HR--130 08/17/2012
Faculty and Staff Benefits--Social Security HR--124 08/17/2012
Faculty and Staff Benefits--Worker's Compensation HR--125 08/17/2012
Faculty and Staff Compensation Policies--Salary Improvements HR--137 08/17/2012
Faculty Appointment Procedures FacHR--113 07/11/2013
Faculty Benefits FacHR--122 07/11/2013
Faculty Compensation Policies--Payroll Period FacHR--124 07/11/2013
Faculty Compensation Policies--Principles of Full-Time Faculty Salary Base FacHR--123 07/11/2013
Faculty Compensation Policies--Summer School Pay FacHR--126 07/11/2013
Faculty Credentialing FacHR--100 08/17/2012
Faculty Development FacHR--119 07/11/2013
Faculty Guidelines and Policies FacHR--101 07/11/2013
Faculty Personnel Files FacHR--115 07/11/2013
Faculty Rank of Positions FacHR--102 07/11/2013
Faculty Recruitment FacHR--109 07/11/2013
Faculty Working Environment and Support FacHR--121 07/11/2013
Faculty Workload FacHR--120 07/11/2013
Failure to Comply with Faculty Duties and/or University Policies FacHR--105 07/11/2013
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) HR--114 08/17/2012
Final Examinations FacHR--133 07/11/2013
Fiscal Responsibility Policy HR--159 08/17/2012
Free from Discriminatory Practice HR--104 08/17/2012
General Personnel Policies--At Will Employment HR--156 08/17/2012
General Personnel Policies--Identification Card and Parking Permit HR--157 08/17/2012
General Personnel Policies--Reporting Changes in Personal Inforamtion HR--154 08/17/2012
Grading System FacHR--134 07/11/2013
Graduate Assistantships/Teaching Assistantships HR--188 07/11/2013
Graduate Faculty Policies FacHR--142 07/11/2013
Grievance and Conflict Resolution Policy HR--160 08/17/2012
Grievance Procedure HR--160p 08/17/2012
Grounds for Immediate Dismissal HR--155 08/17/2012
Guidelines for Field Trips FacHR--135 07/11/2013
Health and Safety HR--176 01/02/2014
Holiday Leave HR--118 09/14/2012
HR Forms and Appendix List HR--000d 08/17/2012
Instructional Equipment and Supplies FacHR--138 07/11/2013
Intellectual Property Policy HR--106 08/17/2012
Library Resources FacHR--137 07/11/2013
Maternity/Parental Leave HR--115 08/17/2012
Medical Leave HR--116 08/17/2012
Miscellaneous Policies--Disabled Vehicles HR--183 07/11/2013
Miscellaneous Policies--Facilities Scheduling and Fees HR--180 07/11/2013
Miscellaneous Policies--Fundraising for the University HR--189 08/17/2012
Miscellaneous Policies--Instructional Space HR--178 07/11/2013
Miscellaneous Policies--Maintenance Work Order Requests HR--181 07/11/2013
Miscellaneous Policies--Office Space HR--179 07/11/2013
Miscellaneous Policies--Parking HR--184 07/11/2013
Miscellaneous Policies--Public Relations HR--185 08/17/2012
Miscellaneous Policies--Purchase Order Request HR--187 08/17/2012
Miscellaneous Policies--Recognized Modes of Communication HR--182 07/11/2013
New Staff Orientation StaffHR--105 10/31/2012
Non-Discrimination In Employment of Staff HR--103 08/17/2012
Orientation of Faculty FacHR--114 07/11/2013
Other Types of Leaves HR--122 08/17/2012
Performance Evaluation Process StaffHR--107pr 08/17/2012
Personal Time-Off Leaves HR--117 08/17/2012
Personnel Files StaffHR--111 08/17/2012
Position Classifications StaffHR--103 08/17/2012
Privacy Rights of Students HR--138 08/17/2012
Proctoring Tests and Examinations FacHR--132 07/11/2013
Professional Conduct StaffHR--109 08/17/2012
Programs and Services--Athletic Events HR--162 08/17/2012
Programs and Services--Bookstore HR--163 07/11/2013
Programs and Services--Check Cashing HR--164 08/17/2012
Programs and Services--Copy Service HR--165 08/17/2012
Programs and Services--Dining Hall HR--166 07/11/2013
Programs and Services--Educational Workshops and Seminars HR--167 08/17/2012
Programs and Services--Fine Arts HR--168 08/17/2012
Programs and Services--Identification Cards and Keys HR--169 01/06/2014
Programs and Services--Library Services HR--170 08/17/2012
Programs and Services--Lost and Found HR--171 07/11/2013
Programs and Services--Mail/Postal Services HR--172 07/11/2013
Programs and Services--Meeting/Special Function Facilities HR--173 08/17/2012
Programs and Services--Parking Decals HR--174 01/02/2014
Programs and Services--Publications HR--175 08/17/2012
Schedules and Attendance StaffHR--106 05/23/2014
Selection Process for Hiring New Staff Members StaffHR--102 07/11/2013
Sick Leave HR--120 05/23/2014
Smoking Policy HR--110 07/11/2013
Staff Dress Code (Non-Athletic) StaffHR--112 08/17/2012
Staff Working Environment and Support HR--105 07/11/2013
Student Class Attendance and Absences FacHR--130 07/11/2013
Student Discipline FacHR--140 07/11/2013
Tests and Examinations FacHR--131 07/11/2013
Textbooks and Desk Copies FacHR--136 07/11/2013
The Faculty Role in Institutional Governance HR--102 08/17/2012
Travel Expenses HR--158 08/17/2012
Tutoring Policy FacHR--139 07/11/2013
Types of Faculty Appointments FacHR--106 07/11/2013
University Committees HR--101 07/24/2013
Use of Copyrighted Materials by Staff HR--107 08/17/2012
Vacation Leave HR--119 05/23/2014
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