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General Description

Information about graduate assistantships/graduate teaching assistantships relative to HR policy.


Delineation of policy.


All faculty, staff, students, and administrators

Responsibility: Academic Affairs
Human Resources

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Relevant Knowledge: In order to comply with this policy you should know:
Current University policy

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Corrective Action

Loss of privilege, general

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Policy Provisions

Graduate Assistantships/Teaching Assistantships

A limited number of graduate students will be able to receive a Cumberland University Graduate Assistantship (GA) or Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA) each year. Interested students that meet the Cumberland University Graduate Program requirements may apply for a GA or GTA by completing the application located in the office of the Director of Human Resources and available on the graduate programs page of the university website.

1. A graduate assistant must be accepted and enrolled in a Cumberland University graduate degree program, which means he or she has completed all graduate admissions procedures, as well as completed a baccalaureate degree. A prospective GA or GTA must provide the Director of Human Resources a copy of their acceptance letter into A CU graduate degree program. Once the prospective GA/GTA has COMPLTED the acceptance process for the chosen Graduate Program, they must complete the GA/GTA application/paperwork and return it to the Director of Human Resources.

In addition to the above requirements, GTA awards are based on academic performance and potential. The student is expected to have been admitted fully without academic provision, having achieved a GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale for the last 60 semester hours of academic credit earned. Another indicator of academic potential is a score greater than the 50th percentile on the required entrance exam for the chosen graduate degree (in most cases the GMAT or GRE). Successful GTAs are expected to score greater than the 50th percentile and to maintain a 3.0 GPA within the graduate program to retain the assistantship.

2. Graduate Assistants / Teaching Assistants must be enrolled for a minimum of six (6) semester hours of graduate work each semester during their assistantship term. A maximum of twelve (12) credit hours may be taken each semester during their assistantship. GA/GTA personnel are only allowed to earn one graduate degree while serving as an assistant.

3. Graduate Assistants / Teaching Assistants are to maintain no less than a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 on all graduate coursework to remain in good standing and retain the Assistantship. When a Assistant's GPA falls below the minimum required, the student is automatically placed on probation and must petition the Graduate Studies Dean through his/her Program Director to continue in course work in any graduate program of Cumberland University. GTAs with a semester GPA below 3.0 will loose their assistantship for the following fall or spring term. Students on probation may remain on probation for a maximum of one semester; if the student's cumulative grade point average has not risen to the required 3.00 level at the end of one semester of probation, the student will be officially withdrawn from the program as stated in the Graduate Catalog.

4. Graduate Assistant/Teaching Assistant must be enrolled in courses that lead toward the completion of a graduate degree in the student's Program of Study. The payment associated with course(s) not in the student's Program of Study will be the responsibility of the GA/GTA.

5. A Graduate Assistant / Teaching Assistant is first and foremost a graduate STUDENT and his/her academic responsibilities take priority over all other responsibilities relative to their assigned GA/GTA.

6. Graduate Assistants / Teaching Assistants are to demonstrate leadership and responsibility through their actions, upholding the highest professional standards in both their academic and personal endeavors. Failure to uphold the University standards, any issue(s) of poor performance, and/or misconduct will lead to disciplinary sanctions, up to and including loss of the Assistantship. If a GA or TA is accused of violating Cumberland University's Policy and/or Procedures and/or local or state laws, they should notify their supervisor. In turn, their supervisor should notify the Dean of Students. The Dean of Students will decide if the Disciplinary Committee needs to intervene.

7. Graduate Assistants / Teaching Assistants are expected to maintain only professional relationships with Cumberland University Undergraduate students. Prohibited relationships with undergraduate students include but are not limited to, romantic relationships, sharing living quarters, and/or other inappropriate socializing with undergraduate students. Failure to exercise one's professional judgment in avoiding such relationships will result in disciplinary sanctions, up to and including loss of the Assistantship.

8. Graduate Assistants / Teaching Assistants will only be allowed to change programs after their first six credit hours in their originally selected program. This allows an opportunity for the student to determine if the program is a match for their career plans. The opportunity to change programs will be offered one time only and only at the end of the Assistants first six credit hours.

9. Failure to serve for the entire term/semester/year will result in the total cost of the current semester being the responsibility of the GA/GTA.



To assist the division/department/program as directed by the supervisor, 20 hours per week for the term awarded. This is to include times that students are not in classes but the University is open for regular business hours. i.e., Spring and Fall Break, Holiday Break, etc.


Graduate Assistant/Graduate Teaching Assistant Waiver


For services as a GA/GTA, a 100% tuition remission will be awarded for graduate classes taken at Cumberland University. Fees, books, graduation fee, etc. will be the responsibility of the student. A GA/GTA wishing to live in On-Campus Residence Hall may apply for housing by completing the required housing application and paying the $200 deposit. A Room Waiver and 14-meal Plan will be awarded as part of the on-campus GA/GTA. GA/GTAs will be awarded on an academic year basis. Previous receipt of a graduate assistantship in itself does not warrant renewal and re-application is required.



1. Interested students that meet the Cumberland University Graduate Program requirements should submit their resume and a completed application of consideration located in the office of the Director of Human Resources and on the graduate programs page of the university website . This application must be completed to proceed. Deadline for applications: Fall Term – June 30th, Spring Term – November 30th and Summer Term – March 30th.

2. The application and resume will be forwarded to the supervisor of the assigned GA/GTA position for consideration.

3. The supervisor will interview each GA/GTA candidate and if he/she meets all prerequisites for admission to the graduate program of his/her choice will recommend their selection to their department head. Before being awarded the GA/GTA Position, the candidate must interview with program director of the graduate degree program he/she wishes to enter and the direct supervisor of the position.

4. The chosen candidate will be notified before July 15th for Fall Semester, December 15th for Spring Semester and April 15th for Summer Semester. of each year to review and assign Graduate Assistantships/Teaching Assistantships. Applications and recommendations received after the above dates may result in the position not being assigned until the next scheduled meeting of the GA/GTA Selection Committee.

5. Upon the approval of the GA/GTA Selection Committee, the Director of Human Resources will award the Assistantship.

6. Students receiving Graduate Assistantships/Teaching Assistantships must remit payment of fees, etc., not covered by the assistantship, to the Business Office.


Graduate Assistant and Supervisor Expectations : Performance Evaluation Process


1. The Supervisor will be required to complete a Performance Evaluation Form on the assigned Graduate Assistant(s) / Teaching Assistant(s) within his/her area of operation at the end of each semester. The Performance Evaluation should include the Assistant's Current GPA for the semester. If the GPA of a GA is below the required 3.0 GPA, they will automatically be placed on Academic Probation. If their GPA does not improve to meet the required 3.0 GPA by the proceeding semester, they will lose their Graduate Assistantship. A GTA whose GPA drops below 3.0 will lose their Assistantship for the following fall or spring semester.. The completed Performance Evaluation will be forwarded to the Director of Human Resources no later than two (2) weeks after grades are issued at the end of each semester.

2. All Graduate Assistants / Teaching Assistants will be required to attend an orientation meeting at the beginning of each semester. The meeting will train the GA on policies and procedures. The meeting will also provide Assistants an opportunity to suggest improvements and voice any concerns with the program. GTAs are required to engage in ongoing teacher training. GAs/GTAs should be registered for their classes two weeks before the mandatory meeting. During the meeting, the Financial Aid department will enter their tuition wavier and the business office will make them official. The business office will also be available to collect any fees applicable to individual Assistants, i.e. graduation fees. The supervisor of the Graduate Assistant / Teaching Assistant will set individual expectations defined by the individual departments. All Graduate Assistants / Teaching Assistants will be contacted by email and their supervisors will be notified in advance as to the time and location of the meeting.


Any exception to the above policies will require the written approval of the President of the University. The University follows its standard EOE policies when awarding Graduate Assistantships The contents of the policy and procedures above supersede all other printed documents, previously awarded remission (s), and oral information concerning the Educational Assistance Program/Graduate Assistantships or Graduate Teaching Assistantships of Cumberland University.

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Performance Evaluation
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Subject Experts
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