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Pandemic Response Plan

Document Number: EMER--119p Revision #: 1.0
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Date Originally Created: 02/13/2012

General Description
Description / Scope:

Information about pandemic responses relative to emergency services policies and procedures.


Delineation of procedures.

Who Performs / Responsibility: All faculty, staff, students, and administrators

When to Perform: As needed

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Pre-Knowledge: Before performing this task you must know:
Current University policy
Standards of good practice

Terms and Definitions: Additional training

Corrective Action

Equipment: Policy and Procedure Handbook

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Overview of Steps

Pandemic Response Plan

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Detailed Steps

Pandemic Response Plan

How to Do:

Cumberland University’s Pandemic Response Plan may be activated in several escalating levels by the President of Cumberland University and his Administration and in consonance with guidance received from the World Health Organization, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Center for Disease Control, and local health departments. A synopsis of the Cumberland University’s levels and response follows.


Pandemic Level 1

How to Do:

First cases of human-to-human transmission internationally


Level 1 Campus Response

How to Do:

Level 1 Campus Response:

· Campus stays open and conducts business as usual

· For the prevention of transmission and to promote personal hygiene, the following practices will be recommended for students and staff:

· Hand washing

· Hand sanitizing

· Sick behavior etiquette

· General facility cleanliness

· Formal and informal education regarding staying healthy

· More enhanced and specific planning steps will be taken as deemed necessary by Cumberland University Administration to prepare for a possible pandemic event



Pandemic Level 2

How to Do:

First verified case is reported in North America and is accompanied by one or more of the following triggering events:

· World Health Organization declares increased and sustained transmission in the general population of U.S.A.

· Confirmation of high rate of infectivity, morbidity (rate of infection), or mortality (rate of death)

· Rate/speed of disease spreading

· Local public health recommendation to curtail/cancel public activities in county or state

· Falling class attendance and/or students departing the campus

· Rising employee absenteeism

· Other regional schools and school systems closing

· Transportation systems closing or curtailing interstate travel

· Regional cases occurring early in the overall USA experience with the unfolding pandemic


Level 2 Campus Response

How to Do:

· Social distancing measures will be adopted as needed, such as canceling certain events, closing buildings, or restricting access to certain sites or buildings

· Steps will be taken as needed to minimize large gatherings, including the possible cancellation of athletic events, other scheduled extra-curricular activities, or some classes. The President, ESSC, and members of the Administration will evaluate needs to ensure campus safety is paramount.

· Administrative departments, student service units, and all academic programs will review procedures for possibly shutting down.


Pandemic Level 3

How to Do:

Multiple suspected/confirmed cases are reported on campus.



Level 3 Campus Response

How to Do:

· Administration will review necessary steps to close down Cumberland University as local conditions worsen.

· Local health agencies and departments will be consulted as needed.

· Residence halls may need to be evacuated. Administrative and academic buildings may need to be closed.


Pandemic Level 4

How to Do:

Campus has been closed. An emergency condition has been declared by the President and Administration and the campus has been evacuated.



Level 4 Campus Response

How to Do:

· All facilities will be closed except temporary emergency shelter housing for students with extreme hardship.

· Campus is closed to everyone except essential employees for tasks related to securing and maintaining the campus and its facilities and health care workers and other responders.

· The President will work with Administration and local health agencies to determine when campus can reopen.


Pandemic Recovery Phase: Pandemic is under control.


Recovery Phase Campus Response: Once the danger of the pandemic has passed, the campus will reopen for business.

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Subject Experts
The following may be consulted for additional information.
Executive VP

Executive Director of Facilities and Safety

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