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Career Athletes

Cumberland University has recently formed a partnership with Career Athletes, LLC to provide student-athletes with comprehensive career education and meaningful networking and career opportunities. Career Athletes is the nation’s oldest and largest online community connecting current and alumni student-athletes, athletic departments, and business organizations. To date, athletes in every sport, from over 1,200 individual colleges and universities, have utilized Career Athletes as a valuable tool in their transition from athletics to the workplace.


Free for all student-athletes, members have the ability to expand their professional network while increasing exposure to career development resources.

As a Cumberland University student-athlete you have access to:

· Exposure to more than 12 years experience in career education specific to student-athletes

· Connect to a mentor to seek the valuable expertise of alumni professionals in your field of interest

· Instantly contact alumni athlete community members who have also joined the network

· Access to the career resource center to help career development (resumes, interviews, etc.)

· Ability to connect with over 65,000 community members to expand professional network

· Internship, Entry, Mid and Executive level positions available from many of the nation’s largest employers

· More than 5,000 career opportunities nationwide

· Ask a Career Athletes Representative questions through the Virtual Career Coach online

· Stay connected to your athletic department after graduation


Career Athletes and Cumberland University Athletic Department are committed to working together to create new and additional career opportunities and meaningful career development programs for current and former student-athletes.


Log on to to create your FREE account today!


For more information, contact Marti Rosche at or 913-397-9009.

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