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An Agreement Establishing a Named Scholarship ADV--105d 08/17/2012
Confidential Statement of Bequest Provision ADV--110d 08/17/2012
Donor Gift-in-Kind Form ADV--106d 08/17/2012
Gift Acceptance Policy ADV--101 08/17/2012
Gift Solicitation and Prospect Clearance Policy ADV--102 08/17/2012
Gifts of Stock and Other Securities ADV--104d 08/17/2012
Guidelines for Establishing a Scholarship ADV--103pr 08/17/2012
Language for a Will Concerning Planned Gifts ADV--111d 08/17/2012
Procedures for Acknowledgement of Contributions ADV--112p 08/17/2012
Prospect Clearance Form ADV--107d 08/17/2012
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